BOLD Association For Children With Special Needs, Penang

Welcome to BOLD Association For Children With Special Needs, Penang webpage.

BOLD is a non-profit community-based organization dedicated to serving Children with Special Needs.

BOLD believes that Children with Special Needs have the right to:-
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Early Intervention
  • Family Centered Services
  • Inclusion in Mainstream Education
  • Lead a full life in the community

BOLD seeks to work closely with parents, teachers, other agencies and organizations, as well as the government, towards these objectives.

Every child should have the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.

Children with Special Needs require more support so they can be empowered to lead a full life in the community.

Thank you!

BOLD is able to continue its work for Children with Special Needs from year to year because of the support of our generous sponsors, donors and  supporters. We appreciate every single donation, whatever the amount, as a gift from the heart.  We wish to thank, in particular, the following for their generous support :- 
  • A Smile Living Studio
  • Adrian Koay Chun Hsiung
  • Ang Shek Wai
  • Annie Yeap Lay Pheng
  • Bukit Bendera Caring Society Penang
  • Chew Chin Bin
  • Ch'ng Hooi Chin
  • Dato Joe Ng Kwen Moh
  • Dato' Kadir Deen
  • Dato Mustafa Ali R Jumabhoy
  • Denise Kum
  • ECM Libra Foundation
  • Evelyn Lai
  • Goh Kim Thun
  • Heng Lee & Co Sdn Bhd
  • In Memory of Cheong Chee Weng
  • Innovative Formula Sdn Bhd
  • Intel Corporation
  • Khor Sok Kheng & Associates
  • Kouk Foundation Berhad
  • Lim Lean Teng Foundation
  • Lim Yu Jin
  • Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Pendidikan, Pembangunan Ekonomi & Teknologi P. Pinang
  • Ng Sai Choo
  • NLC General Pest Control Sdn Bhd
  • Ooi Poay Lum
  • Ow Heow Hooi
  • Penang Education Council
  • Penang Skills Development Centre
  • Pertubuhan Wanita Mutiara
  • Phuah Gaik Sim
  • Roger Loh
  • Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St Mark
  • Southern Rubber Works Sdn Bhd
  • Tadika Generasi Kreatif
  • Tan Keat Fee
  • Tan Sri Saw Seng Kew Memorial Fund
  • Wah Seong (M) Trading Co Sdn Bhd
  • Wong Nyit Seen
  • YB Chong Eng, EXCO
  • YB Professor Dr. P Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy,Deputy Chief Minister II